Best Women’s Snowboard Pants, What Are the Options?

Your next pair of snowboard pants might be the most important purchase you make this winter. We all know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect outfit for a day on the slopes, and due to the complicated nature of women’s snowboarding gear, there’s no easy solution. One woman might prefer slim-fit pants with an elastic waist, while another prefers loose-fitting pants with a drawstring waist. Read the following to find out more.

What Makes Best Women’s Snowboarding Pants?

Make sure to get only the best snowboard pants that you can find. There are some criteria to look out for. 


You will be well protected under the winter weather that can be very cold, especially when you are snowboarding and the wind and cold air add the cold even more.

To stay warm, you need to wear an appropriate winter outfit, but the most important thing is that your head and hands are not left uncovered. If you have a large hat, a scarf, and gloves on, you will be well insulated from the cold.


There are a lot of options when considering what type of material to choose for snowboard pants.

If you want to make sure that your pants will be waterproof and windproof, then Gore-Tex is the best type of material for you. In addition, if your goal is to have a pair of pants that will last as long as possible, then those made from synthetic materials are the way to go.


One of the essential aspects of snowboarding gear is making sure that your clothing is breathable and ensures that you don’t sweat excessively.


The comfort of clothes will come from the way it fits the body, not too baggy or too heavy, will make you move better. Having lots of clothing options available to suit your personal needs will increase the likelihood of finding a comfortable one.

The Top Choices

With so many different styles, body types, and preferences to choose from, choosing the fitting snowboard pants can be time-consuming. Here are some of the top picks with various performance features at every price range so you can find what’s right for you. There’s an option for everyone.

Patagonia Insulated Powder Bowl Pant

best womens snowboard pants

Best for: Overall Women’s Snowboarding Pants

Features: Knee stretch for great movements, mesh-lined outer thigh vents

Pros: Lightweight and completely weatherproof, fantastic for various activities, comes in short sizes

Cons: Expensive, only available in few colors

Patagonia is the best overall option for women’s snowboard pants. The durable shell-style construction means these pants are breathable, which is excellent if you don’t like getting too sweaty or wet. Patagonia offers sizes that fit most different types of bodies, making them the perfect option for women looking for snowboard apparel.

Burton Gloria Gore-Tex


Best for: Insulated for Women’s Snowboarding Pants. 

They are the perfect fit for snowboarding in the cold area. 

FeatureGore-Tex material is famous for creating warm layers as a clothes material. The four pockets give much storage. 

Pros: waterproof and has excellent lining. 

Cons: a significant bulky feature that many unappealing for women. 

The insulation layers are low rise and warm to the body. Additional weather-sealed seams prevent the cold and keep you warm. 

Flylow Foxy Bib

best womens snowboard pants

Best for: Women’s Snowboarding Bib 

Great with any tops and has a unique design

Features: stretch Stormshell material, drop seat, hip and thigh ventilation, waterproof seams

Pros: Thorough ventilation, lots of pockets, stylish, the suspenders are an excellent addition 

Cons: Expensive, bib design is not for everyone

For the bib enthusiast out there, these women’s snowboard pants are the best. They’re durable, stylish, waterproof with ventilation features. You can move quickly and stay warm at the same time.

Roxy Rising High

best womens snowboard pants

Best for: Waterproofing snowboarding pants

Features: Excellent waterproofing, durable, jacket-to-pant attachment, neoprene face panel.

Pros: 15K mm waterproof rating, repelling water, breathable

Cons: small pockets, great only for heavy snow

These are the best women’s snowboard pants while you are using snowboards in a freezing area. 

The North Face Sally

best womens snowboard pants

Best for Budget pick

Features: Affordable, insulated, waterproof with 2-layer DryVent

Pros: cheap, Heatseeker synthetic insulation for extra warmth, lower leg gaiters to keep snow getting inside your boots, zippered hand pockets

Cons: not very durable

All the standard features you need for safe snowboarding, skiing, and other snow sports are available in these jackets. They are warm and light while still maintaining their affordability.


Here are some common questions that snowboarders often experience when talking about their gears and clothes for doing snowboarding activities. 

  • What should I pay attention to if I don’t have any brands preferences?

Price, because there is a wide range of best women’s snowboards pants brands. If they are pricey, usually they last longer. 

  • Does the men’s snowboard pants can be a great option?

Depending on your body type, a woman’s figure is often skinny, and men’s pants usually have no shape at all. This will influence the tightness of the body. 

  • Can you wear skiing pants for snowboarding?

If it fits, why not. Most skiing pants have about the same feature as snowboarding pans.  

Additional Tips

Here is some perfect idea to remember when choosing a women’s snowboard pants. 

  • Gore-Tex or other high-end fabric enhances comfort because of its movability material.
  • Zipper on pocket can save those items from staying in the pockets. 
  • Make sure the cuff is big enough to cover the boots.
  • Get your measurement right. You want one size down if you prefer loose pants. 
  • If they have insulation layers, think about the weight, and you may also go down on the sizing.

Snowboarding is a challenging sport that is always good to practice in reliable clothing. It is essential to choose the right temperature of pants for women that can help you maintain warmth and mobility while engaging in the snowboard rides.



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