Blue Person Icon on Android Phone, How to get Rid of?

Many Android phone users, especially Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9, complain that they see an icon displaying a small man/person/user with arms stretched. Don’t panic if you happen to find this blue person icon on your android phone at the bottom right of your screen; it is just Mr. Accessibility.


Blue Person Icon/Mr. Accessibility

Mr. Accessibility is Google’s icon for functions that permit the magnification of content on your screen. It comes in handy if you have near-sightedness or are struggling to read your screen in daylight. People recognize it as the blue person icon on Android phones, continue reading on how to deal with it.

If you inadvertently tap this icon, you’ll note an orange border is inserted. This is Google’s invitation to press on whatever part of the screen you want to magnify. Touching it brings up a widget with volume up/down, power, home, and pinch.

How to turn it off?

It’s slightly different between android devices. But they are on a similar menu/settings. Here are listed several options that might be compatible with your device.

For example, on LG G5, it’s under Settings > Accessibility > Accessible features shortcut – toggle to on/off > Touch assistant. Go back to the home screen. When you triple-click the home button, it should appear and disappear.

You can also go to Accessibility Settings and go over to the Magnification option. Turn this selection off, and the little man icon with arms stretched will go. Another way to get rid of the little man icon is by proceeding to Settings -> Accessibility -> Text to Speech and changing this option off.

You may also go to Settings > Accessibility > Accessible Menu and assure that this option is toggled off. Make sure that Select to Speak in Accessibility is off.

Here below another alternative:

Search for settings on your phone

  • Find “accessibility” and click on it.

blue person icon on android phone

  • Go to the Accessibility menu.

  • Turn it on (or off)

blue person icon on android phone


blue person icon on android phone

  • Using voice assistant

With voice assistant, you can also ask for Google help. Here I ask for “what is this person icon on Android phone.”

blue person icon on android phone


Troubleshooting the blue person icon on an android phone is straightforward and won’t impact your other phone settings. The tricky part is to find where the accessibility options on the phone because different manufacturers will be slightly different. After you find the related menu, you can quickly get rid of the Mr. Accessability icon.


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