Cold Steel Recon Tanto: Your Best Tactical Knife

Would you like to go camping? It is essential to bring the best of the best with you while on a camping trip, including a cold steel Recon Tanto. This tactical knife will be the perfect tool for any number of situations, including wilderness survival. If you’re looking for more information on this tool, then please continue reading.

What is a Tanto Blade?

cold steel recon tanto

Tanto blade is a tactical knife that features a high point and a flat grind, creating a sharply angled tip that looks like a chisel. The front edge of this knife meets the unsharpened back at an angle, which makes it quite different from its counterparts that tend to be curvy. This tactical knife does not have a belly, which makes it a lousy option for slicing.

However, this drawback results in a solid point that benefits you in challenging situations, especially if you need to pierce hard materials. Thus, it would help if you considered this steel blade. The blade’s length is relatively short compared to other knives and swords (under 11 inches or 30 cm). You can use it in a single or double-hand grip.

The Tanto Blade is a knife with a short blade with a chisel-like point and an angled edge (either straight or curved). The blade is similar to the letter “T.”

In Japan, the term “Tanto” refers to a blade length 30 centimeters long or less. Samurai initially used it on horseback, who might use a pole weapon, such as the Yarakuba (a sword with an extended leaf-shaped blade) or Katana (a long sword with an extended curved edge), for this purpose.

The History of Tanto Blades

The traditional Japanese tanto has inspired the design of the Tanto blade that you find today. However, it was simpler than this type of tactical knife. Traditional tanto usually ranges from 10 to 12 inches. Unlike the modern version, the tip did not have sharply angled edges.

However, you would find a slight trailing edge and a classic point. Traditional tantos came in a wide array of styles and details. Some of them had a double-sided design. Meanwhile, others were less curved, and some featured detailed grooves that ran across the length of the blade.

People carried a traditional tanto as a secondary blade to a long sword or a Katana a long time ago. They usually used it for puncturing and thrusting duties. It has a blade thickness of about 5mm.

It is believed to be the most efficient blade design for cutting a person’s throat, as the blade penetrates deeply and elevates a high amount of pressure on the target’s carotid artery.

‘Tanto’ comes from the Japanese word meaning ‘short sword’ or ‘knife.’ A Tanto Blade can be made from various materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, or titanium. The latter two are non-magnetic and resistant to corrosion by saltwater.

American Use

For the past 20 years, it has been continually seen in active military use, and some even refer to it as the ‘preferred fixed blade’ by special military units and SWAT teams here in America.

What do You Use a Recon Tanto for?

cold steel recon tanto

If you go camping, hiking, or hunting, a tanto blade will be helpful. The vital tip allows you to stab through hard materials. This tool also enables you to perform tasks that require you to throw at a knife. Thus, it would be great for prying.

This steel blade is an excellent option for slicing foods into thinner pieces, but it may not be the best option if you need to cut something with thicker parts.

Recon Tanto Products

If you are looking for an excellent tactical knife, then you should consider the Recon Tanto. This product has many authentic products that meet your requirements well. For example, it has a 2-1/8″ blade made from 440 stainless steel and is full tang, which means it will always be sturdy and robust. The handle is made of black Kraton rubber and features a thumb-slide lock.

Recon Tanto San Mai VG10 35AM

cold steel recon tanto

This type of tanto blade is an excellent fixed knife. The length is 17.9cm, meaning it is pretty significant. It has a remarkable quality due to the combination of San Mai VG10 material as the core and two layers of softer steel. The meticulous design makes this blade an excellent survival and tactical knife.

These combat knives use Kray-Ex for the handle, a rubber-like plastic material that allows you to have a better grip in any situation, including in wet circumstances. When you purchase the knife, you will also get a sheath made of solid plastic. It is perfect for your tanto blade and suitable for left and right-handed. Satin is the finish of this knife, which makes it look awesome.

CS49LRTZ: 49LRTZ Recon Tanto in SK-5

cold steel recon tanto

This one is another popular tanto blade product that you should have. SWAT teams and military units have used this knife in numerous conflicts. Thus, it is highly reliable. The material used to make this blade is Japanese SK-5 high carbon steel. It comes in a black tuff-ex finish for a bolder look.

This superior blade is 7 inches long, the handle is four ¾ inches, and the weight is 9 ounces. When you purchase it, you will get a sheath. If it does not suit you, try ordering a custom one made of Kydex. Kydex is a specialized thermoplastic material that is eminently rigid. You can also mold it easily when heated.

In the 1960s, people used this material for airplane interiors. Now, they use it as sheaths as an alternative to traditional leather. A review of this superior blade SK-5 said that it might be too long for everyday carry. The blade fits snugly in the sheath.

Another review compares it with the older version of these combat knives of recon tanto. While the CS49LRTZ features SK-5 material, the older one uses a Carbon V steel blade and black Kraton handle. Still, both of them are high-quality tactical knives.

Cold Steel Recon 1 Series Tactical Folding Knife with Tri-Ad Lock and Pocket Clip – Made with Premium CPM-S35VN Steel, Tanto Plain Edge

Are you looking for a practical folding cold steel model of recon tanto? This one will be your safe bet. This recon one series is only 4 inches long and features CPM-S35VN, premium steel well known for its strength and durability. More importantly, this folding knife is resistant to corrosion, making it a perfect choice for any tough job.

You will also experience a better grip, thanks to G-10, the rugged and durable fiberglass. This material offers a comfortable grip without sacrificing the ultimate safety in all conditions. To maintain its top-notch condition, you should wash it by hand. Do not use any dishwashers to clean the tool.

Cold Steel 17T Kobun Tanto Fixed

cold steel recon tanto

If you plan to go hunting, these combat knives tanto will be your best friend. This black knife features Japanese AUS 8A stainless with a flat blade grind. Thus, you do not need to worry about its durability and strength. Kobun sometimes represents a “soldier” who orders the “boss,” also known as Oyabun.

This name has inspired the design of this knife, which is popular in the Military. Further, this blade offers not only toughness and durability but also comfort. The handle is 4 3/8” inches long and features checkered non-slip Kraton. The edge also has minimum bulk that allows you to grip it better. Besides, this tool is lightweight. To maintain the durability of this knife, you should wash it by hand. Also, when you buy this tanto fixed blade, you will get a sheath made of Secure-Ex.

Cold Steel Mini Recon 1 CS-27BAT, 3.0″ AUS-10A Stonewashed Tanto Blade, Black GRN Handle

Are you looking for a durable and rugged knife that you can bring with you wherever you go? Try opting for this Cold Steel Mini Recon Tanto. This recon one series is only 3-inches long, and the thickness is 0.13”. Besides, it is pretty lightweight because it is only 3.5 oz.

More importantly, you can fold this blade rather than storing it in a sheath. Therefore, you can use the knife for everyday carry. The blade edge is plain with a hollow grind. It also features a stonewashed finish and black GRN handle that is not only cool but also comfortable.

Cold Steel Micro Recon 1 Tanto CS27DT, 2″ 4034SS Plain Blade, Black Long G-10 Styled Grid-Ex Handle

cold steel recon tanto

When you go camping or hiking, you need a small and practical tactical knife that you can take wherever you go. Although it comes in a tiny size, it still has to have excellent strength and durability. Therefore, these razor-sharp steel blade is your best bet.

This Tanto knife is widely used in Military and Law Enforcement personnel and Fire and Rescue crews, proving that it is a durable and robust blade. Like other Recon 1 series, it features a Tri-Ad lock renowned for its ultimate safety. It will protect your fingers and minimize the risk of being cut.

The compact design, which is only 2-inches long, the handle is 2 3/8 inches, and the thickness is 2.5mm, allows you to put it in your pocket. Besides, the weight is only 1.1 oz. The blade comes in high-quality steel with a stonewash finish.

Cold Steel Recon 1 Series Tactical Folding Knife with Tri-Ad Lock and Pocket Clip – Made with Premium CPM-S35VN Steel, Tanto Half Serrated

You cannot decide whether you have to bring a knife with a plain or serrated edge. Taking them, both would be too much. So, investing in a half-serrated blade would be your best bet. These razor-sharp steel blades can perform both push cuts and rigorous cutting well, just like a knife with a plain and fully serrated edge.

For this reason, you can use it in a large number of conditions. If you seek a high-quality knife, this one will be your choice. The material used to form the blade is CPM-S35VN steel, which is well known for being tough, durable, and resistant to corrosion. Most importantly, it is eminently sharp.


cold steel recon tanto

Are you looking for a tough knife that can handle any camp task and hiking expedition? This modern tanto-tipped blade is a great choice. The Cold Steel SRK (Survival Rescue Knife) has inspired the design of this knife. It features 3V super steel body and a Japanese twist. This blade is 7-inches long with a 4.75-inch Kraton handle.

You will get a Kydex sheath when you purchase it, so you do not have to invest in a custom one. Above all, these razor-sharp steel blade products are worth your money. Grab them and check whether they are on sale. Indulge in the extraordinary quality – put it to the test using its distinctive razor-sharp blade for yourself, and you’ll see why the Recon Tanto is a knife that’s hard to go without!


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