Commercial Cool Air Conditioner Maintenance Guide

When you cannot afford a centralized air conditioner system, getting a portable AC unit makes a lot of sense. A branded commercial cool air conditioner can spare you from the scorching summer heat and improve your comfort level.

A commercial cool air conditioner can help businesses cut costs and decrease global warming by lowering energy bills. The compressor for the air conditioner is energy efficient and can save businesses money because it’s designed to use less energy than traditional heating and cooling units.

A commercial cool air conditioner also operates quietly so customers won’t be disturbed while enjoying their time in the store. Commercial cool air conditioners have great benefits for businesses, which include cutting costs and decreasing global warming.

Even though a portable air conditioner is compact, they require a good amount of maintenance. All this has to be done to keep a commercial AC unit working, from troubleshooting various problems to cleaning the air conditioner.

Maintaining a commercial air conditioning unit is not an easy task. If you have never worked with air conditioners before, you may find it intimidating. But you are lucky enough to have found this post. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about maintaining a commercial air conditioner unit. So without wasting any time, let’s get to the important part.

How to Clean a Commercial Cool Air Conditioner?

To maintain your commercial portable air conditioner, you must clean it from time to time. This will ensure the smooth functioning of your unit. If you are cleaning your AC for the first time and have no idea about it, you can refer to the guide below.

Before you start, you need to prepare your cool air conditioner unit. Here’s all the prep work you need to do:

  • Unplug your portable cooling unit and place it on a solid surface. Since there will be many messes while cleaning the unit, it is better not to clean on expensive flooring.
  • You will need a damp cleaning cloth, screwdriver, a bucket, and a clean air filter to get started. This is only if your air filter is due.
  • Disassemble the parts carefully. Every unit is different, but you will likely need to unscrew a few panels to disassemble the unit.

Once you are done with the prep work, you are all set to clean your portable AC unit. Here is what you need to do:

  • Drain the water

Portable air conditioner units are designed to remove water from the air, collected into a container inside the unit. This container needs to be emptied regularly.

Some units are equipped with indicator lights that help you know when the container is full.

To start cleaning the unit, you need first to drain the water. Locate the drain on the back of the unit and place your bucket underneath the drain. Some units allow you to hook a hose to the drain so that the water can drain on its own.

  • Clean and replace the air filters.

The next step is to clean and replace the air filters of the unit. To let your unit function effectively, you need to make sure that your air filters are debris-free is.

If you have dirty air filters, it will be harder for your AC to cool and circulate air. This is why you clean the filters at least twice a month.

The cleaning method you use for the air filters depends on the AC model you own. That’s because different units have different filters. Like some filters are disposable, while others are washable. If you have a washable filter, you can clean it using a vacuum cleaner and wash it with warm, soapy water. Once done, you should let it dry completely before putting it back inside the unit.

  • Check the coils

The coils are also important components of your portable AC unit. To maintain your AC, you must check the coils for dirt and debris. But you need to be very careful while cleaning them as they are very delicate. If you damage it while cleaning, it’s going to hit you with an expensive repair bill.

You can clean the coils with the help of a damp cloth. Alternately, you can also use a soft-bristled brush to sweep away any build-up. You can also find special coil cleaning solutions that will help you to clean them thoroughly.

  • Clean the exterior

Even cleaning the exterior of the AC is important. All you have to do is take a damp cloth and wipe it down. Make sure that you clean all the areas, including the small spaces. These are the areas where you will find stuck-up dust. Before you attach the panels, make sure that everything is dry.

You should clean the exterior of your portable AC regularly. Even if you are not deep cleaning the entire unit, you should wipe down the exterior. You should also check the unit every week for pet hair, dirt, etc., which might block the outside.

  • Store your unit properly

When you no longer need your portable air conditioner unit during the winters, you should store it properly. You must drain the water tank and clean the air filters before storing them away.

You should also run the unit in fan mode for at least 30 minutes to remove excess moisture. Make sure that everything is dry before packing it away.

If you still have the original packaging, then store the unit in it. You should double-check to confirm that the unit is dry. This is important so that you can avoid mold growth while it’s packed away.

Well, that’s all you have to do to maintain and keep your portable AC in good condition. If you want your AC to last longer, make sure you get it from a reputable brand.

Common Commercial Air Conditioner Problems & Solutions

When the temperatures rise, you need a good air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable. In situations like this having a malfunctioning unit can be a big concern. But just like any other electronic, even an air conditioner breaks down, especially when the user is overusing it or not cared for properly.

commercial cool air conditioner

In this section, we will cover some of the most common air conditioner problems and solutions. Troubleshooting an AC unit becomes much easier when you know what’s causing the issue.

  • Portable AC is not starting.

If you tried switching on your unit, but it doesn’t turn on, you have a problem in the making.

In this case, you should check the socket for power. You should also check the cord and circuit breaker to see if it is damaged or functioning properly. If you cannot detect any problem with these components, the problem is with your unit. This could happen because of a blown internal fuse.

You can take the help of the manual guide to fix it. If not, then you should contact a professional.

  • Portable AC suddenly stopped working.

A portable AC unit can suddenly stop working if a timer is active. In this case, you can restart it again.

Some portable AC unit models shut down when the temperature set by the user is achieved. When the temperature in the room rises higher than the ambient temperature, the unit will start working again.

  • Portable AC compressor not working

If your portable AC compressor stops working, it could be because of a lack of power. First, make sure that the power cord is in a good state and plug it in properly. The next thing you need to check is the wall outlet. Use a voltage to the tester to see whether it is working. If not, then the circuit may have overloaded. Check the fuse box and reset or replace the breaker. If that is not the right solution, then replace the outlet.

commercial cool air conditioner

Another reason your AC compressor is not working is that it doesn’t need to run at that moment. Once the set temperature is met, the compressor will turn off. It will only turn on when the unit senses that the room air has raised in temperature.


Having a portable air conditioner unit can save you from the scorching summer heat. It is cheaper than a centralized AC unit and provides instant relief. To get the most out of your portable AC, you should always go for a reputable brand like Haier, Samsung, LG, etc. These are the top brands people know to make quality air conditioners. But at the same time, you must also clean and maintain your AC regularly. This helps to keep it running smoothly and also extends the lifespan of the unit.


  • What is BTU in a portable air conditioner?

BTU is an acronym that stands for British thermal unit. It refers to the heat necessary to increase the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

  • Is a portable AC also a dehumidifier?

A portable air conditioner also acts as a dehumidifier in dry mode.

  • Why is the AC blower motor so important?

The AC blower motor helps turn the fan blades that cause air to move through the AC system. It is an important part of an AC because it removes warm air from the interior and blows cool air through the vents.

  • What does the flashing light indicate on a portable AC?

When the user is not maintaining the AC regularly, it starts malfunctioning. Sometimes the flashlight is an indication that the unit needs to undergo servicing.


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