How Does Path of Exile Make Money? Complete Beginner’s Guide

What is the Path of Exile?

Path of Exile is a free-to-play game, which is happening in the dark dream world, where the government of the island nation of Oriath banishes individuals to the continent of Wraeclast, a ruined continent house to lots of ancient gods. Taking control of an exile, players can pick to play as one of seven character classes: Marauder, Duelist, Ranger, Shadow, Witch, Templar, and Scion. Gamers are then charged with combating their way back to Oriath, defeating ancient gods and fantastic evils throughout their journey. Let’s go to how does Path of Exile makes money.

Path of Exile is unusual amongst action role-playing games in that there is no in-game currency. The video game’s economy is based on bartering “currency products.” Unlike traditional game currencies, these items have their own inherent uses (such as updating a product’s rarity level, rerolling affixes, improving an item’s quality), and supplying their own cash sinks to prevent inflation. Though some identify items, these products modify and update devices, develop portals to town, or grant skill refund points.

The developers of Course of Exile stated that one of their core goals is to provide a really free-to-play video game financed only by “ethical microtransactions.” Path of Exile mainly provides cosmetic item skins for players prepared to spend money on the game.

The developers and players are making money by selling items and upgrades in their shop section. There are premium cosmetic items and stash tabs to store your stuff. This is including currency stash. You can also obtain an exclusive cosmetic pack with an exorbitant price tag that lets you design your own monster. This is basically where the developers making money.

The details are explained below.

Many Ways to Make Money in the PoE Universe

So How Does Path of Exile Make Money? There are several quick and easy approaches I understand, most of which I personally use. Select your preferred depending upon your individual choices, and make certain to verify what the economy looks like before you dive in, as costs can be unpredictable. Here I’ve noted them in no specific order.

how does path of exile make money

Caution, this post contains a lot of in-game jargons and terms

  • Be Productive with the Game Items

Produce items that people will seek after, and discover regimens that reward you over an Exalt quickly. It is possible once all sell to make 30,40,50 Exalts per hour farming this boss. We have done it, a good friend and me. Remember that it is much better than all other bosses since all items other than the helm can be worth a lot. The boots can and do cost 8 Exalts. Possibly more. The key is understanding that there is a construct that works with the set.

Remember, this only works if few do it. There will undoubtedly be a lack of Cheap Shields to buy if many people are out there trying to fetch all the Anticipation Shields for that sweet revenue.

  • Utilizing Divination Cards

Now, this is a bit tricky to explain fully, but it constantly works too. I feel they are missing an essential point with divination cards Whenever I see people opening stacked decks and seeing only the value as in the value of the specific cards.

The fact with div cards is that the result of a set is a big margin of earnings on the private cards for many of them. If you sit down and spam away to buy all the divination cards you can on the market, you’re making a lot of currency per hour doing this very dull thing. I can inform you of the fun ones, such as The Hive of Understanding.

  • Maps Selling

Selling maps have rarely been more successful than during the Heist league. Yes, this goes contrary to what individuals inform you. However, it is huge cash.

how does path of exile make money

The key, obviously, is that you juice your map so that it drops a lot of maps.

  • Making Currency

About currency-making, don’t believe the hype that early league is fantastic for you. It is not. You can not make currency early league unless you are a top-tier gamer who can rapidly upgrade your gear to do endgame material others can’t do.

I understand somebody who could tailor up and begin farming Uber Atziri by day 2 of the league. The outcome, naturally, is that he had a mirror in his stash by day 3. But you can’t do that, and neither can I. Those are the things that make early league very rewarding for some players, but for the earliest league is simply a time where your earnings battle to keep up with your expenditures to make your upgrades.

  • Gem Leveling

Leveling gems is big money. We already did point out maps were big. However, this is frequently forgotten or done totally incorrectly.

how does path of exile make money

Leveling enlighten is generally quite bad. Leveling awakened gems too. It’s not awful if you acquire a square ton of gem exp, but leveling alt gems was truly king for this league anyhow. All of them did sell.

  • Mirror Turning

how does path of exile make money

Mirror turning can be nice if you can reach it in a tightly manipulated market. It’s possible to make silly profit flipping mirrors, but keep in mind that it is possible to lose while the mirror varies rapidly.

  • Trading / Microtransactions

I made around 40 honors worth of numerous sales. After that, I sold huge items like The Give up shield, Saqawal boots for 3 honors, Saqawal armor for 3-4 Exalts, etc. This overall made me over 100 honors a day. I do this through various methods, as revealed above. The key to me is discovering things that sell and sell frequently.

how does path of exile make money

You can likewise do things that offer less frequently. Like I would buy a bunch of Realmshaper 6L and turn them into realm ender 6L. That takes up a lot of room in your stash. However, it tends to be huge earnings even if not as huge a seller as a 6L wild wrap and even a 6L wall of bramble.

  • Miscellaneous Tricks

Make a character who can run/leap slam very quickly and has many life regrowths and some way of killing simply enough monsters around you to refill your flasks. Walls are where huge money is at, which is why you stick to the longer digs – at least 3 tiles ensure 1 wall someplace along the course. Every 2 or 3 walls will contain a handful of fossils, which generally offer really consistent money, anywhere from 1c-8c per fossils, with some special ones going for as much as 200c.

You may also consider these:

  • Syndicate Farming
  • Prophecy Rolling
  • Crafting
  • Uber Laboratory Running
  • Mapping/Endgame manager farming
  • Services/challenges

Like the stock market, the concern is that market fluctuations can cause you to lose cash from your investments. Invest in Exalts early on turned out to be a bad concept as they tanked down to 25C each.

How do you deal with low liquidity? Some items and cards don’t offer quickly, and if they take too long, they can drop below their purchase rate. Individuals paid like crazy for Haewark maps. You can get a lot of those to drop per juiced map run.

Obstacles are likewise great money, and this league Dig Map had interesting cards individuals paid a ton for. Early league people generally don’t chase challenges, so the cards are too common to spike growth. Later in the league, when individuals chase their obstacles, they spend a foolish quantity for any listed cards, and the cost keeps increasing.

Some of the time, even often, some silly things can pay. Lethal Rivalry V was great to purchase this time because the margin to a Kimsugi was excellent, especially on a high roll. Signal Fire did go up in worth like mad, and people did stupidly over-spend for a best 35% to the point where it was economically reasonable to burn divines to over-price a 35%.

Constantly difficult to make those predictions anyhow. But video game economics tends to include moving currency toward other stuff that gets value fast. Tailoring and Tempering Orbs was once again the best early league financial investment, where you’d 20x your money within a few weeks. If you put a whole 500 ex in those orbs early on, you’re coming out with 10,000 Exalts by the end of the very first month. Hard to enormously purchase them as supply is restricted

Another silly thing you can put your money in is peak uselessness. Pure financial investment is turning your turmoil orbs into unique fishing rods and albino RhoA feathers. This is all on how does Path of Exile makes money.


To conclude, How does Path of Exile make money? There are multiple ways you can make money from Path of Exile in-game economy. Never believe individuals who inform you things are worth more early league, and you should not trouble selecting anything up past that point. The reality is more upside-down. Whatever costs 10c early league is worth 100c in the future. The majority of significantly for rares. Yes, some really trash rares might sell for early leagues, like whatever two-stones with life and single withstand.

You can get huge profits from mirror level flipping. The trick here is people are using bots to snipe on items. You can make dozens of Exalts in one hour farming Saqawine Rhex. The concept here is similar to the real-world economy. It would be best to keep your currency in your stash tab doing anything and devaluing, but you need to invest in the stock market or keep cash in the bank account.



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