Marvel vs DC Chess Set – A Merchandise Competition

Who is more popular, Marvel or DC?

The popularity of Marvel’s superheroes chess set has reached some heights because of the box office and local comic stores. The market has a lot of merchandise available for every Marvel fan to fulfill the desire of being an incredible fan of their favorite superheroes. 

Marvel has also launched special Marvel-themed chess set in the market for their beloved and vast fanbase. However, the market is also flushed with a certain count of low-quality chess sets, but it will not be a problem for you after reading the whole article.  The article will give you the whole information about the best quality product from Marvel that you will feel proud to put in the showcase at your home in the collection. Let’s find out about the marvel vs. dc chess collection.

What does Marvel Want to Present to Their Fans?

This chess collection is for the die-hard fans out of that vast fanbase of Marvel and also want to play chess. This chess set collection can be an addition to the collection of die-hard fans who collect Marvel-themed items such as bedsheets, curtains, stationary, or even shower curtains. Almost everyone is a superhero fan these days, but some people go beyond that to be called a superfan. These people are likely to be invested in their favorite superheroes and may love to get some of their favorite superhero-themed, especially from Marvel.

The Marvel Chess Set Explained!

marvel vs dc chess set

The Marvel chess set is not normal. It is special merchandise that Marvel launched in the market. One of the best things about this chess set is that it comprises many different chess pieces. This means that you can assemble your whole Marvel army from your favorite superheroes and even villains too. This will enable the die-hard fans of Marvel to create a unique and marvelous Marvel chess set that you have handpicked with no regrets for later.

You can collect all of the Marvel pieces available in the market, but that may also be a problem as it may take a while because there are nearly 100 different superheroes pieces. Then some of the pieces are in too much demand or rare in the simple collection words. So, you have to run for every piece in the market that you want or you can get.

Some people may be thinking that this collection is only for decorative purposes or showcase, but it is not only for decoration. It is made to play the whole chess game, with every piece having its worth of being placed as a chess piece.

How Can These Superhero Pieces Be Used In The Chess Game?

You may be thinking about how someone will separate these many pieces and identify them as chess pieces in the marvel vs. dc chess collection. So, to answer that doubt the Marvel has marked every piece with its place on the chessboard as a chess piece. This is the one special thing that the maker had previously thought about while designing this special modular superhero chess set. All of the bases are made of metallic resin and hand painted.

This also enables the player to create their own personalized chess army filled with superheroes and villains. So when you play the chessboard with these special pieces, you will know what the ability of every special character is. And how every chess piece functions because of the symbol present on that piece in the chess game.

How Careful Marvel Made These Special Chess Pieces?

marvel vs dc chess set

Look at how sturdy it is. Green Lantern and Flash as bishops from the DC side, facing villains like the Joker and Green Goblin.

Every Eaglemoss Marvel-themed chess piece is hand-painted with remarkable attention to present most superheroes with every detail for this marvel vs. dc chess collection. The chess piece was made with an outstanding presentation of the artistry and artistry that even the most discerning customers, collectors, and superfans were quite satisfied with every detail given on each piece.

Every chess piece of this collectible is unique from the comic books, but Marvel even designed the chessboard with a certain grade of uniqueness and authenticity. Marvel created a matching chessboard design decorating it with the Marvel logo and a unique all-over comic print. The chess pieces that cover the backdrop of the chessboard are made with bronze and a pewter-toned base that looks perfect at the back, comprising a personalized army full of heroes and villains. 

How Much Does Marvel Chess Piece Cost?

The special Marvel chess set was called a collectible. The concept of getting them from the market means that they have to be collected piece by piece because it is a collectible. It can be quite costly as a piece is around $16.

The DC Comics Chess Set That Can Blow Your Mind!

First of all, to start with the introduction of DC with its full name, which is Detective Comics. This isn’t a Marvel chessboard and pieces collection, but it won’t be very objective towards the DC fans if not shared. Everyone knows about the Marvel and DC rivalry, which is a friendly one, but the real fans that that almost everyone is a fan of both types of comics, in this case, Marvel and DC comics.

So, they can prefer one over the other by comparing the two. So, as DC has launched the special superhero pieces for chess now, you can combine the two and make yourself a new Marvel vs. DC chess collection. 

Both comics combined on the chessboard against each other in the face-off with the special superhero-themed chess set pieces can be a glorious game to watch and play. The DC comics chess set has only 32 superhero pieces developed from the Justice League, unlike the Marvel, which has around 100 superhero chess pieces.  They launched the Justice League-based 32 pieces chess set into the market this year only (2021).

Which Superheroes Are Introduced In The DC Chess Collection?

marvel vs dc chess set

The DC 32 pieces have almost every DC Comics Justice League character to be included in superheroes. Superman, Green Lantern, Batman, The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and many more from the DC universe.

Whereas in the name of villains, it is Lex Luthor, The Joker, Steppenwolf, Darkseid, and some more to be revealed in the future as the DC release some blockbusters on the box office.

These chess set pieces from DC comics are also made with very precision and detail with the highest quality, similar to the Marvel chess set you can provide to the fans of the DC world. 

The DC chess collection was also hand-painted meticulously with the DC assigned artists. You can put generic goons also as white pawns.

How DC Created Its Amazing Chess Collection?

The DC Comics blockbuster Justice League themes chess set is not a simple chess set. It is a remarkable set of incredible craftsmanship presented by the DC to the world. 

The DC designed its chessboard with quite an impression on its diehard fans, especially Batman fans. 

The chessboard of the DC chess collection game is fully sheened with the alternate boxes covered with silver and bronze and the special batman logo in the center of the board.

The chessboard border is made from brick which is very detailed to its finest points and ends. Every chess piece with DC superheroes standing on them perfectly matches with the board. These pieces have a base giving a glimpse of the architecture of Gotham and making the game more memorable if once played or watched.

How did DC Strategize The pricing Of Its Chessboard?

But apart from the concept similar to the Marvel to launch these special chess pieces for their fans doesn’t suit the DC makers. The Justice League-based chess set decided to launch the chess set in the market in a box with every superhero assembled in a single place.

They gave a choice to get them in one go and tagged with a reasonable price tag for their fans.

In this DC superheroes VS villains, the player can put generic police as a white pawn and generic goon as a black pawn. They are also made with metallic resin and hand painted.

Conclusion Of The Two Worlds!

Well, we all can see how far this rivalry can go, even on the merchandise. Both the comic worlds never let their special fans fail to get something special they want in particular. It never matters which comic is rocking much better in the box office. Their fans believe in their favorite comic world that they will present something that will make them inferior for a while.

Both the comic worlds – Marvel and DC, are fulfilling the thirst of the box office for like straight 10 years and have made a list full of blockbuster superhero movies.  Now, actors of the characters from these Marvel and DC comics worlds are also getting recognition on the stage of the Oscars. But still, they compete for every spot available for their fans and want to steal each other’s fans out of their fanbase. 

They want to achieve this not in just some numbers. They want to achieve them in huge numbers. Now to discuss the chess set out of two, the Marvel has more characters on the board than the DC chess set. Marvel’s every superhero piece came separately and needed to be collected piece by piece. 

Whereas the DC chess collection has a limited number of superhero pieces, they come in a stack worth every superhero piece launched by the DC comics in the market. The DC does not want their fans to wait and run for every piece here and there; instead.

They want to give their fans all of the superhero pieces in a go. It’s all on the fans to decide what they want and how to spend their money in this marvel vs. dc chess collection, all themed up with superheroes.


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