Queen Bed with Trundle, What Are The Options?

We all like having guests stay over at our home, but it can be unpleasant when you are caught off-guard. Lacking enough bed space for our visitors can result in many frustrations as we try to figure out an appropriate couch or some sleeping bags so that our guests can rest for the night. Trundle beds are mostly attached to your daybed, but not always. They come in several designs and styles, ranging from metal to wood and rustic to modern. The best queen bed with a trundle will match perfectly into your indoor space design while guaranteeing hidden versatility

A queen bed with a trundle is all you need to give your family and friends a comfortable night’s sleep. The bed is cost-effective and space-efficient if you are living in a small home or an apartment. Trundle beds are utility beds since, apart from hosting guests, they are perfect for your kid since if they fall out, they will not hurt themselves, unlike the bunk beds. To learn more about trundle beds and precisely queen beds with trundles, read through the entire article. Let’s dive in!

Types of Trundle Beds

Trundle beds are available in different sizes and styles to accommodate your space needs and preferences.

  • Pull-out trundle: With this trundle, you can mount your mattress on a platform attached to a metal frame. The pull-out trundles might not support as much weight as your roll-out mattresses.
  • Roll-out trundle: This is a standard trundle bed that contains a mattress that rolls on casters.
  • Trundle bunk bed: These are twin bunk beds that boast a trundle drawer beneath the lower bunk, thus providing three mattresses instead of two standards.
  • Pop-up trundle: The frame of your trundle pops up to the same height as your parent bed.
    Captain’s bed with trundle: Several captain’s beds feature a trundle mattress in addition to the bed’s storage drawers.

Benefits of Queen Size Beds With Trundles

Queen size beds with trundles are stunning pieces of furniture in any home. These are versatile units with numerous uses, including storage units and offering comfortable sleep to your guests.

  • Maximize small spaces

These are smart furniture if you are living in a small home or apartment. Trundle beds sleep, two people. You store one bed beneath, so you do not need to worry about additional room for your family or friends. For your kids who share a small bedroom, this bed is safer than the average bunk bed.

  • Cost-effective

A trundle bed is cheaper than buying two separate beds. Although the upfront cost is more than the standard single bed, it is still more economical since it sleeps, two people.

  • Multipurpose

Their versatility is overwhelming. Depending on the style of your trundle bed, it can be used as a daybed during the day and then a sleeping space at night. On top of that, it can be used as a storage unit for clothes, toys, and blankets if you are not using it as a second bed.

The Best Queen Beds With Trundles Reviews

DHP Bombay Full Size Metal Frame Daybed with Twin Size Trundle

Queen Bed with Trundle
source: amazon

The Bombay daybed provides a functional and stylish design for your apartment and small living space. This full-size bed is a perfect option for your bedroom, office as well as additional seating. The twin trundle perfectly fits underneath for extra storage, and you can roll it out anytime you need it.

The Bombay bed with trundle boasts an elegant design with a sturdy and beautiful metal frame. Its intricate curves make the bed a great addition to your bedroom decor. The manufacturer offers you two color choices of black or white to complete your interior space theme. The roll-out bed features locking castors; thus, no worries about it moving around. The bed measures 77.5 inches in length by 56 inches width by 43 inches height and is packed in one box. Additionally, the setup is easy, thus requiring minimal assembly.


  • Comes with a daybed and also, a roll-out trundle
  • The metal slats guarantee stability and durability
  • A metal frame with stylish curves and detailing


  • No con is found

StorkCraft Marco Island Twin Captain’s Bed- Trundle and Drawers

Queen Bed with Trundle

The Marco Island Twin Captain’s Bed boasts a pull-out twin trundle bed featuring three functioning spacious drawers to offer style and functionality to your bedroom. The bed is made of solid hardwood and composites, guaranteeing many years of enjoyment.

Marco Island bed is highly versatile since the twin-size trundle, and the three functioning drawers can be wheeled in and out, offering maximum storage space. When your interior space is at a premium, this bed gives you room to spare. You should not be worried about your unexpected guests since you are assured an extra twin bed without sacrificing your square footage. The bed’s assembled dimensions are 81.1 inches by 43.9 inches by 35.5 inches. The bed weighs 162.8 pounds.


  • The drawers are of reasonable sizes
  • It is easy to assemble
  • The instructional manual is well detailed
  • High-quality construction materials


  • It comes in separate boxes

Atlantic Furniture Concord Twin Size Trundle Bed

Queen Bed with Trundle

Atlantic furniture beds utilize a unique dual height slat kit and a bed frame support system that removes the need for a foundation. The bed can be set in a high position and then used with a mattress only, or you can set it in a low position to accommodate a mattress and a foundation set. With these two features, the bed is truly one of the most versatile of its kind.

Atlantic furniture bed features a flat panel footboard and comes with two-bed drawers. The bed dimensions are 77 by 55.87 by 16 inches. It is made with high-quality construction materials guaranteeing durability. The sliding 8 inches twin-size trundle will accommodate your family and friends.


  • Hardwood and non-toxic finish
  • Guarantees durability
  • A flat panel footboard that enhances class


  • The manufacturer is not well-detailing the instructional manual

Trundle Beds vs. Daybeds

Both trundle beds and daybeds are space-saving, but there are some key differences:

  • Size: Trundle beds feature full twin queen or king-size mattresses. Daybeds are twin beds- queen size and fill-size are less practical than sofas since the seats are quite deep.
  • Construction: A trundle bed pulls out from beneath your bed frame. On the other hand, a daybed boasts a three-sided bed frame with sides that function as a footboard and a headboard, and the third side serves as the backrest of a couch.
  • Function: A trundle bed offers extra sleeping space. A daybed is similar to a futon, acting both as a bed and a sofa.


  • Can an adult sleep on a trundle bed?

Absolutely yes! Adults can sleep on trundle beds comfortably. The only catch is that a trundle bed is smaller and might be the perfect match for most adults, at least not on an extended or rather a long-term basis. Trundle beds use thinner mattresses than what experts recommend for your regular sleeping surfaces. You can sleep comfortably on a trundle bed, but you cannot make it your primary sleeping option. However, for teenagers and kids, a trundle bed is not different from their bunk bed setup.

  • What is the point of a trundle bed?

Manufactures design trundle beds as mattresses to roll on a platform made to tuck under your parent or, rather, standard bed frame. During the day, you can keep the trundle bed mattress stored and then pull it out at night. Your queen-size bed with a trundle will save your precious space. Some trundle beds feature drawers and shelves built in for additional storage.

  • Does a trundle bed need a special mattress?

Yes, your trundle bed will need a special mattress. The lower mattress ranges between 6 to 8 inches thick. The best advice is to measure your trundle frame since some frames rise to 15 inches. Aim for a trundle bed with the height as your parent bed.

  • Can you put a trundle under a queen bed?

The best thing about trundles is that they can fit perfectly under any bed. As long as you provide your trundle with about 12-18 inches clearance, it would be best if you comfortably slept on it.

  • Can you sleep on a trundle all the time?

The answer is yes. If you observe keenly, most kids who share bedrooms with their siblings sleep solely on trundle beds. As long as you are using a high-quality mattress on your trundle, you will enjoy a comfortable sleep throughout.


A queen-size bed with a trundle is all you need to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep with your loved ones. This kind of bed is space-saving and cost-effective. Additionally, buyers cannot overemphasize its versatility, considering the numerous items you cannot store in the trundle if you are not using it as a second bed. This informative article ensures you are in a better position to make the perfect decision on your queen-size bed with trundle.

  • Your child will have a good night’s sleep on this sturdy and roomy twin-size trundle bed. With a captain bed, you can also use it for older children or guests and provide them with some extra sleeping space.
  • Trundle beds are a type of bunk bed that you can pull out from the wall to create a makeshift twin bed. They are a great option for children because they provide a place to sleep and storage space for toys, books, and other belongings.
  • Trundle beds are a popular choice for those who have a limited amount of space. They allow for storage under the bed, which is always handy for a small home or apartment.

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