Samsung Washer Self Clean, All You Need to Know

Do you know that the Samsung washing machine self-clean function can keep its performance at the highest level? You can clean the surface and check it regularly, but it is designed to clean by itself.

Why Self Clean? 

Do you see that your Samsung washing machine has a blinking light? It indicates that it’s time to use your machine’s Self Clean feature. Samsung washer has a feature that allows easy cleaning without using chemicals and no need to have support.

  • Self Clean feature offers an effort to ensure the machine that cleans your clothes without the risk of leftover chemicals and gets rid of foul odors.
  • Samsung drum can be difficult to clean, but the Self Clean feature can reach inside the machine that you may have a problem getting.
  • It allows you to avoid using cleaning chemicals, which is against Samsung’s manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • You can avoid handling wastewater.
  • It is water efficient and uses minimal water.
  • Self-Clean helps you stay in line with Samsung’s warranty policy.

What Parts You Need To Check 

The washing machine has various designs, especially the opening. Either top or side, they are parts of the device that you need to clean. This is the recommended on how to clean a Samsung washer. 

  • Clean the seal

Check the seal around the door. It usually catches coins, paperclips, etc., creating a rush, mold, and even foul odor. Try to avoid it by emptying your pockets before putting your loads. 

  • Clean the trap

Items get caught in the filter and stay there until you find them. You need to lift the trap and picks up whatever trap there. 

  • Unplug washer
  • Place a bowl to catch drips.
  • Open the door with a screwdriver, gently pull the top end of the hose out and pull off the plastic cap.
  • Drain the hose in the bowl.
  • clean the trap and replace the trap and hose

These directions vary on the model of your washer. For other parts that are unreachable, there is a Samsung washer self-clean that you can do routinely to make sure the washer is always in good shape. 

How to Use Samsung Washer Self Clean

There are some steps to perform to use the Samsung washer Self Clean feature on your washing machine. 

samsung washer self clean
  • Plugged in the machine
  • Make sure the device is empty
  • Press Power Button
  • After that, Self Clean Button
  • Then, Start Button
  • Let it sit for one hour until the cycle ends before running a load of laundry.
  • Wait four hours if you have a front-load machine

How Often to do Self Clean?

You might have regular maintenance and cleaning habits to use your machine and keep your washer a top-notch condition.

  • Samsung recommends: you should use the Self Clean feature on a regular monthly schedule.
  • Top load: you should use the Self Clean cycle every twenty loads. If you have two loads of laundry each weekday, you should do Self-Clean one time every two weeks.
  • Front-load: you need to use the Self Clean cycle every forty loads. If you do two loads of laundry every weekday, you need to do Self Clean once a month.

What Are The Signs Your Washer Need Cleaning?

You may want to do a routine check-up to make sure the Samsung washer self-clean run regularly. Look for other sign that needs a good self-clean

  • the machine has an odor
  • there is a visible mold or mildew
  • softener tray always fill with water 
  • dirt at the bottom of the drum 
  • there is a stinking smell 

What Are The Sign Your Self Clean Feature Work?

When there are still an odor, mold and other problem even after Self Clean, then there is a good chance your feature doesn’t work. Here is a way to make sure of it. 

  • Run a standard Self Clean cycle
  • Run a rinse and spin cycle
  • Try washing a light load of laundry
  • Run a Self Clean cycle with bleach
  • Run a rinse and spin cycle
  • Try washing a light load of laundry

Samsung washer self-clean is a feature that is designed to clean the machine by itself. With this feature, you don’t need to bend down and try hard to clean it by yourself. All is taken care of with automatic cleaning procedures routinely to make your appliance last longer. 


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