What Are the Best Shoes With Hidden Compartments?

There are many places you can put your stash into so no prying eyes or thieves can snatch or grab something extra precious to you. Maybe you’re on a trip and need to hide a copy of your passport and hide them for good.

One of the hiding places is just below at your feet, inside the sole or tongue of your shoes, this place is a perfect hiding place. Nobody will even though you put something there because they’re just naturally bulky. Only a trained eye (and probably a spy) can notice the difference.

Here we compile from the best of hidden compartment shoes. Stash your stuff, and nobody would notice it. Each shoe has a hidden compartment in it. 

Storage Soles

You can get this from Amazon at around $24.99. Place it inside your shoes as storage replacement soles, but you need to trim the soles to fit your shoes. It’s great for hiding and traveling money. It is lovely little can’t hold much, but it would not fit in a shoe comfortably anyway if it were any more prominent. It is made from leather sole and comfortable under the feet.

shoes with secret compartments
source: YouTube Nate Ackerman

If you feel so much discomfort from the bulky leather sole, we advise you to get something like a secret belt compartment to hide your money or as we describe in the following, shoes with secret compartments.

IPath Shoes

source: raboobs.xyz

IPath produced shoes for the more ecologically minded stoners and skaters, using a sustainable option to mass-market board shoes. As popular with Rastas and skaters, these organic cotton and hemp sneakers unsurprisingly included a pot pouch. 

Chad Muska Circa

Chad Muska and Jamie Thomas built the brand names. Over 20 years later, the brand name continues to produce some of the finest skate shoes on the market.

source: sneakerhistory.com
source: ahabatcr.org

These shoes have a zipper in the tongue and receive some cult status from sneaker lovers and collectors alike.

Supra Skytop 3

Motivated by many things and grounded in skate culture, the Supra Skytop III received praises even outside the skate scene. Sneaker fans and fashion-savvy customers noticed its street-inspired visual, vibrant colors, and captivating silhouette.

shoes with secret compartments
source: tactics.com

However, skaters swear by it for its resilience, convenience, and efficiency in securing the feet during every sesh, and included that every innovation used on the shoe was a need. Whichever side you view it, the Skytop range has been proven to be the brand name’s symbol and for good factors.

Adidas Forum Mid TF

This Adidas Online forum Mid TF is angling to become preferred to those of you who like shoes with hidden compartments. If freight pants and concealed compartments are your things, then feast your eyes on these.

source: kicksonfire.com
source: kicksonfire.com

In the shoe rebirth, they have been offered a secret squirrel velcro/zip-on midfoot strap that satisfies of stowing away little possessions. When you aren’t rocking the pocket, then showing the velcro stripes boosts the whole look and. The color method is pretty sleek itself, also with its blacks/greys and hints of red.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6

shoes with secret compartments
source: Instagram @solebyjc

The forthcoming set comes equipped with a button confined stash pocket on the ankle collar, along with “University Red” accents throughout, consisting of the “Nike Air” and Cactus Jack branding on the heels. A translucent outsole embellished with black and red hits finishes off the overall look of the shoe.

Raised by Wolves x Saucony Aya

source: highsnobiety.com

Made from a mix of almost a dozen various materials, the standout feature of the Raised by Wolves x Saucony AYA is the stash pocket included in the tongue.

source: highsnobiety.com

The tennis shoe, showcased in a tonal grey colorway with a rainbow of color pops influenced by stained plies of acid rock Canadian maple. They also boast a reflective, embroidered heel tab and three lacing options with a coordinating cord lock.

Nike ‘Skunk Dunk’ & ‘Reverse Skunk Dunk’

There’s no denying Nike SB’s impact on the sneaker industry. But, at the same time, it is essential to note that brands have seen the success of the 4/20 Dunks and wish to reap the same profits as the Swoosh. This technique could turn stoner tennis shoes into less of a celebration and more of a fetishization, with companies seeking to generate income from the “impatience” of drug-themed sneakers.

shoes with secret compartments
source: sneakerfiles.com

A dark purple Swoosh and outsole included measurement to the sneaker, while a bold skunk graphic on the insole further nodded to strains like Purple Haze and Purple Skunk. Maybe the most delicate part of the tennis shoe, though, was a Nike-first: The wearer can use a secret stash pocket for carrying around particular goods.

BAIT x Adidas Stan Smith Vulc ‘420.’

This Bait x Adidas Originals Stan Smith Vulc, called “Happy 420,” consists of the most recent silhouette model. Essentially taking cues from the code-term that refers to the annual consumption of marijuana or as a method to determine oneself with cannabis culture, the tennis shoe’s upper consists of natural hemp that has been heat pressed with a stoned-out pattern.

source: kicksonfire.com

Further detailed with a hairy suede green heel tab and the iconic trefoil logo design in contrasting white, the model’s tongue label also gets a distinct branding motivated by the medical nature of hemp and how people think it is about a pharmaceutical drug.

Other significant finishes consist of cork footbeds with a pharmaceutical sticker label that reveals the harmful effects of the shape, stash pockets on the interior of the tongue, and three alternatives of laces with a Stoned-out, white and black pair.

Nike SB Omar Salazar Signature Model

shoes with secret compartments

Nike SB has dropped its newest shoe to add to their 2010 lineup. While this shoe is the very first one released by Omar Salazar, it is likewise a very first for Nike as they executed their signature Flywire innovation with a nubuck-covered toe.


shoes with secret compartments

shoes with secret compartments

For a stronger shoe with compartments, try the original tennis shoe made with an outer money pocket: KangaROOS. The surprise compartment is big enough for some emergency situation expenses and a spare secret, and burglars won’t notice the small outer pouch underneath the ROOS logo design. Selling (at time of publication) at $25, these durable walking tennis shoes will last enough time to show their worth.

Oliver Sweeney Dressy Derby Shoes

The shoemaker Oliver Sweeney has developed a pair of shoes with hidden compartments that can hold up to 12 widgets, everything from a tiny mobile phone and a GPS tracker to aftershave spray and a mini case for your pills. And the shoes themselves aren’t just a gimmick: They are handmade in Italy with wild red deer leather sourced from Scotland.

Oliver Sweeney was a British shoemaker that founded the company from the ground up and launched his own label back in 1990. Teamed with big-name like Harrods, he thrives in crafting excellent shoes for men.

source: maxim.com
shoes with secret compartments
source: maxim.com

The luxury footwear supplier teamed with VeryFirstTo.com to stow away inside this unsuspecting-looking shoe two hidden compartments that can each hold three devices at a time.

Derby Shoe has provided 12 for you to select from The world’s smallest phone, a small video camera, a tiny Swiss army knife, a tracking gadget, a cash pill, “the world’s most advanced contactless payment ring,” and more.

Derby shoe is clearly suitable for you “the elites” or “sharp Bonds”, as you can see these hidden gadgets are not for everyday schoolboys or skaters. We really appreciate the diversity in the hidden compartment world here.

Bonus: Custom Hand Made Compartment Shoes

Nothing stops you from making your own shoes with hidden compartments. With a bit of overflown creativity, your DIY creation might put shoe manufacturers to shame.

shoes with secret compartments
source: forums.somethingawful.com

For this purpose, you will need:

  1. A pair of shoes that are your size, preferably with removable insoles and tongues.
  2. A sharp knife, like a box cutter. Or a sewing kit. You can use anything sharp, though.
  3. A permanent fabric marker (like the Sharpie).
  4. Some time in solitude (since shoes take time to make, especially if you’re careful).

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